Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Spring Cleaning continues

The washing machine is now washing the current-bed-afghan; dryer is drying the quilt.

I went outside and raked debris from the hosta bed by the front sidewalk and the hosta bed by the well. No signs of mint coming up yet, but the one dead plant still standing proved to have deep roots when I attempted to pull it out. Cool.

Watered the new baby almost-seedlings.

Brought down a stack of books from the dining room table to the ground floor bookshelves. Removed the blanket from the table down there and set it up for a jigsaw puzzle. Sat on the couch for a minute.

I also brought down still more accumulated boxes (three) and put them in the garbage bin, which is now full. I have a pretty high box and bag collection skill.

My left knee is objecting very strongly, the right knee moderately strongly, to going up and down the stairs so many times. Need to take a break on that.

Still, all of this movement is very good. I am fending off a whalloping underlying feeling of being totally and utterly useless, which entirely relates to the amount of money I'm bringing in. So, my lifevalue=my income. Must. Break. That. Thought. Pattern. It should be something like: the value I give to others = my income. Anyway, the movement fends off the crapthought. Idle hands and all...
Tags: springcleaning

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