Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,


So, I cleared off my desk. A few weeks ago I brought over two boxes of stuff from South Glastonbury. They are paperboard decorated boxes that I got at TJ Maxx a while back, in the effort to help organize the basement.

I unpacked one box into the drawer designated for office supplies in the bureau that's now in this office. The other box is smaller and I had it full of pencils/pens. So, I put that on the corner of my desk table.

Laundry still running. Unraveled a few necklaces. I hung them in the bathroom on the curtain rod hooks, because I've got to do something rather than let them tangle up in a drawer. I'll make a necklace rack soon - I brought my hammer down from S Glastonbury this week and now I have nails.
Tags: springcleaning

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