Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,


It just hit me. Today's the one year anniversary of my moving into this house. A year.

*shaking head* Wow.

Maybe that's why today I feel like unpacking, deciding on settling places for things. I put two vases on the upper kitchen window shelves. That nesting feeling's been increasing lately, which is cool.

I just relocated the remainder of the books on the dining room table onto the stairs to the third floor. The table will be cleared off soon. I'm glad I put all that effort into the kitchen last week or two weeks ago, because that's going to make it easier today.

Clearing out bits of the living room in corners that have been accumulating stuff. It's awesome! I love this spring cleaning thing!

Time to wash the blankets on the living room couches. Soon I will take the Xmas tree downstairs, but my knees are not cooperating. I had already packed the Christmas ornaments into two shoeboxes, which are also in the living room, read to be put into the half-closets downstairs. The Xmas tree will go into the coat closet. It's kind of a cool thing, actually. When the Xmas Tree comes out, the coats come out. When it goes in, the coats go in.
Tags: springcleaning

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