Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

The New Corner

I've had a rock salt lamp set up on the ground floor pretty much since I got here. Several weeks ago, when I cleaned up the kitchen, I set up another rock salt lamp on the counter.

A few days ago, I brought up another rock salt lamp from the basement @ my folks' house. This is the biggest one: roughly ten pounds. There are several more.

The rock salt lamps clear the air like nothing I've ever seen. When I started living down in there in 2004, they quickly cleared out the mildew and mustiness that the dehumidifiers hadn't been able to do.

So, I am slowly bringing them here. Here is a shot of where I just set it up, plus the curtains I hung earlier. As I get a better feel for the place, I'm starting to actually decorate.

Tags: springcleaning, wangonk

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