Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Marlene's Ministry School Fund - must raise $2,000!

Two days ago I was accepted into Meadville Lombard Theological Seminary. But, they want to prove that I can do graduate-level work, because it’s been long time since I’ve taken classes. So, they have asked me to take and pass a class that’s being held in a few weeks: from July 11-15th. It’s at their campus in Chicago, Illinois here in the U.S.

The class is called Prgmatic Theology and I am excited beyond words to be taking it and to have this chance to finally, finally, go back to school. This is the Master of Divinity program and it will put me on the path to becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister.

Because the class is so very soon, I need to raise $2000 to get there. That is for the cost of the tuition, books, transportation, lodging, food and other fees related to taking the class and matriculation. My application and registration fees were already paid by the generous donation of two good friends.

So, I am offering some items for sale to help raise the money! There's also a donation button at the bottom if you prefer that. I'm starting with a dollar in my pocket and a whole lot of trust in the universe! Thank you!

Please allow me about 7-10 days to deliver your order and it'll come via email.

Item for Sale Amount
Ten of my most prized entree recipes! Let me know if you prefer vegan, vegetarian, fish only or a combination of meats like chicken, beef and pork. $5
I'll send you an eCard once a day for a week to show you how special you are! $5
I'll send you 50 insider tips on touring the Walt Disney World theme parks! $5
I was a telecommuter for seven years - I'll send you my piece on 25 tips for being a telecommuter! $5
I'll send you a short story on 17 heartwarming tips my cats taught me about life! $5
I'll create a one-page dossier for your on your life as a super-spy secret agent! Do you remember that time in Barcelona? $5
I'll write a one page fictional story about you! It will be lyrical and contain some elements of the magic I know about you! $10
I'll write a special love letter from you to someone else! $10
I will write a one-page prayer or a blessing for you on the subject of your choice! Do you want to bless your home? Or your new garden? Or your family? $10
I'll write that inspirational letter that you've been meaning to write to your child for years! (one page per child, price is per child) $10
You'll receive my ebook featuring my PEACE method for decluttering every area of your home! PDF format $15
I will redesign and rewrite your resume from scratch for you! $25
I will write you a 5-page sermon on the Unitarian Universalist principle of your choice! PDF format $25
I'll send you my 237-page electronic workbook featuring my proprietary SpiceTutor class in Spice Basics! This features my special "CAF" style for approaching spices: methods for 'C'autious cooks, 'A'dventurous cooks and 'F'earless cooks! PDF format $25

Which item(s) would you like?

Or, if you'd like to perhaps just donate, here's a different button! No amount is too small!!

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