Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Walking from Cape Town to Cairo

(Pardon the code)

Today's UUS:E service is about water as a spiritual call. When the guest speaker wrote to us, she said that she'd founded an organization to raise money and awareness for clean water. She said that she was about to walk from Cape Town to Cairo (7,000 miles) for this water conservation cause.

I responded that yes, we'd be interested in having her speak, but that I would not want a lecture on water. Instead, I asked her to speak about what called her to go on this journey. I asked her to speak about would keep her going on mile #5708. I asked her to speak about what happened inside her to call her to put her body through that.

And she agreed to go with it and Sarah on my team took over from there. Should be good.
Tags: uuse

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