Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Finding Spirituality in the Body

Often, the spiritual is seen as something only experienced through the head and the heart, but that leaves out the body entirely.

Putting together a panel of speakers for the UUS:E August 21st services: The Body/Spirit Connection. This service has been put together with the idea of giving insight to people who come that there can be a spiritual aspect of being involved in physical movement.

So, we wanted to ask our speakers - why does it matter? Why is it so important to you? What is it that drives you to consider that working with your body is, in its deepest essence, a form of worship or spirituality? What draws you to it? What does it give you in return? Do you find that any of the UU principles resonate with you on this body/spirit level?

And I told them that the worship planning committee thinks that their story can lead to people experiencing it, going home and considering the idea for their own lives.

I have lined up three speakers: a woman triathon athelete & marathon runner; a woman who bicycles through the Rockies on a regular basis and is into yoga and tai chi; and a man who has started his own business as a weight lifting and fitness training expert. We're going to incorporate yogic breathing exercises and a few mudras into the service, too, to create a body/spirit connection right while we're there.
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