Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Going to have a blow?

Wednesday morning. Just finished my cup of Earl Grey. I love this mug: it's a "Mackintosh-style" by Dunoon. Bought it in the UK in Epcot. I think these are standard-issue everyday sorts of mugs in the UK, but it's just gorgeous. Picture a Frank LLoyd Wright stained glass window in faerie colors of lavender, spring green and varying shades of light blue, rose and pale orange. Lovely.

The breeze is steady through the windows still, although it's grown far more humid today.

Hurricane Irene is churning its way up through the Bahamas. Instead of comparing it to Hurricane Carol (31 August 1954), they are comparing it to the Hurricane of 1938. That's never a good thing. If it doesn't turn, it's set to plow into New England sometime on Sunday afternoon/Monday morning.

The last time a hurricane headed this way, it turned and went so far out to sea that we didn't even get rain. So, we'll see. Hurricane Irene continues to turn. I don't want all of the farmers with their apple and peach crops to get hurt. A nice storm? Yes. A big old CAT1/CAT2 hurricane? No. I'm a little over hurricanes since the Hurricane Summer of '04 down in Orlando.

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