Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Hurricane Irene/CT

Okay, I'm emailing to Dad on his Blackberry. He's in the BWI airport waiting to come home. His flight leaves at 1530.

CT is confirmed now to get at least 39+ mph winds. Soon we will be in the confirmed 58+ mph range, but not yet.

Track has shifted west all night. The eye is currently projected to pass over Rockaway Beach in Long Island, cross over to Greenwich, CT and up to Danbury, CT and points north/northeast of that.

Still don't want to be on the eastern side of a hurricane.

She is hovering at 951mb pressure and 115mph. Category 3.

So, now the story is this:

If the hurricane passes over "significant" land in North Carolina, that will slow the hurricane down quite a bit. If the hurricane only brushes NC, then if it stays offshore, Queens will be what slows it down. The eye is kinda set to pass almost over JFK and LaGuardia.
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