Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Day 25

Okay, well, I did get a slice of pizza on the way home when I stopped at the grocery store. I think it's okay though; I don't think I'm going to slip back into that habit. I was bone tired, but boy did it help that I took iron last night.

I didn't expect to get roped into staying for the advocacy workshop after the services, but I stayed and I ended up glad that I did. Left there about 3:30pm. Headed to Wal-Mart and they had already "put back" my prescription (you really have to pick it up right after you call it in) so I waited there for a while.

So I was waiting on my Wal-Mart waiting bench, waiting to get a prescription filled. I was staring at the floor, slightly ticked that I had called it in but they had already put it back on the shelf. Prescriptions are the only reason I go into Wal-Mart-in-CT. Some woman-in-lime-green muttered "Doritos" to me. She was speaking in reference to the three Hispanic people at the counter (one customer, two workers). That was a new bullshit slur to me. So, I spoke up very loudly and said, "You like Doritos? You know I always hated Doritos until I tried Cool Ranch. Do you like Cool Ranch?" And lime green woman edged away from me on the bench as everyone stared. I went back to staring at the floor.

Drove home, stopped to get the slice of pizza and some shredded cheddar. Pulled into the driveway and realized that I needed to get cat food. Back out and went to Stop & Shop.

As I was approaching and about to reach for my shopping cart, I saw a kind-faced man exit the store. Tall. 40ish. Short hair, more salt than pepper (which I like). Oh my gosh handsome - not magazine-handsome, but just a wonderfully kind face, the kind of face you could look at for years and not get tired of. I quickly looked away and sighed: "well, his wife is lucky" I thought.

I quickly stole another glance. I saw him look away just as furtively, something I don't usually see. I get dismissed a lot, but this was different. I watched him walk off (with no ring) & only then did I see his prosthetic leg.

Wonder if he thought I'd dismissed him for that. *wistful* That has made me quite sad. I really hope to run into him again. I shouldn't have immediately assumed that there was no possible way he'd be interested in me. If I'd not assumed that, I might have made eye contact with him. I think that would have been really nice. And I feel wretched to think that the guy may have assumed I dismissed him because of his left when I never even saw it.

I briefly entertained the thought of hanging out at Stop & Shop permanently until I see him again.

Anyway, then I felt worse because here the universe sent me a spark and I blew it.

Then I came home a slept for three hours. Got up and cooked a very thin top round steak (only $2!) with a red onion. I sliced it into strips and put them into two tortillas with the onions, cheddar and some sour cream. 'Twas great.

And here I am.
Tags: boys, love, men

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