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Little one missing signs

Signs have gone up in a section of town saying that a cat is missing - light tan, white tipped tail.

Last week I saw a cat on the side of the highway (in that same section of town) matching the "light tan" but I didn't see the little one's tail. The little one looked like he was sleeping, all stretched out. Don't think he was sleeping.

Not sure if I should call.

I would not want them to lose hope. But I would want them to have something of an answer if the little one never returns. But maybe it's best not to know. This is why I can't bear to let my critters outside.

Would you call?


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Sep. 26th, 2011 05:40 pm (UTC)
i can only go by when it happened to me and gizzy was hit by a truck. we put up signs all over the neighborhood and i walked the block over and over and cried and called out and one of our neighbors called and told us that they saw him hit by a truck and it was better. but they knew for sure it was our cat. our cat was kinda unique.
i'm not sure what to tell you to do but i was grateful to know what happened. but then again, it was for sure my cat that got hit.
Sep. 26th, 2011 10:32 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I don't think I would, unless I were to go back and verify that the cat was still there and that it closely matched the description. Otherwise, if animals or animal control (or whoever it is who has the lovely job of dead animal remover) have taken it away, I don't think they're any better off. They already know, I'm sure, that their cat could be dead. If they can't actually see the body themselves, it still doesn't leave them with anything better than a "could be."

Also the reason I don't let mine out, and why I refused to get attached to the outdoor stray K adopted, who is now gone to... somewhere.

To end on a lighter note, when Eek showed up at the house in Miami (remember Eek?) he was the tiniest little baby. He was making this YOWLING noise outside and when I went to check, kneeling down (he was under a bush) he came running over and jumped into my lap. I tried to explain to him that we had two cats, and my now-ex was VERY much against getting more. Our neighborhood was pretty safe, and I knew someone else would snatch him up. I put him outside our fence, he came running right back in (ducking easily under the gate). When I finally went inside, he climbed up on the screen door meowing and shaking it. For over an hour. (I know I sound heartless ignoring that, but my ex was firm and I was really hoping he'd eventually give up and go away.)

I heard my ex drive up, I opened the door, Eek was STILL hanging on the screen. (Not stuck, just trying to... break it down or something. LOL) Ex just walked up and said, "NO." Picked Eek up, put him outside the fence, he came right back under. He tried this 2-3 times before giving up and coming inside.

We did our best to ignore him (after I, um, snuck him some food and water), so he moved into the tree by our gate. When we'd come home, he would climb down and sit on the mailbox. He owned that tree and mailbox. Ex finally (after a week or two) relented enough to get him vaccinated and treated for medical issues. (We were REALLY poor at the time. That was part of the "no more cats" rule.) But to my ex, he was still a stray, just a stray that we were taking care of until someone took him in. (Not to make my ex sound like an ass. He loved cats. We were just at a point where we REALLY didn't need another cat, and he wasn't letting his emotions get in the way of the reality of our situation...)

One day, my ex came home from work, brought Eek inside, put him on the floor, and just said "Shut up," and walked into the kitchen. LOL I found out that driving home through our neighborhood, he'd seen a cat that looked just like Eek on the side of the road. Really upset about how he was going to break it to me, he got home and found Eek sitting happily on the mailbox. He scooped him up, and Eek (despite his many escape attempts) was an indoor cat forevermore. :-)
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