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The Light of Winter

Two hours and three minutes of sunlight left today.

That reminds me.

Yesterday at Wal-Mart I picked up a new RF modulator and corresponding video cable.


I loathe having a tv in the bedroom - but - I think I will set up the bedroom with the television and DVD player on the dresser in anticipation of the frigid cold of winter. This way I do not have to sit at my desk all winter (sitting on top of the heater) and I don't have to use extra oil to warm up the living room. And, the babies can be near me. Plus, I can have the heater in the bedroom and that will keep it warm in there. Somewhat tempted to move a sitting-chair in there for the winter as well, to have a place to read, thus creating a lap for Missy and also a warm place to have dinner, now that I think about it.

One other thing, too, is that I can invest in a lamp or two for that room with some natural-light light-bulbs, working to help with the seasonal thing.

Yeah, this will definitely work.