Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Car likes thicker oil?


Since I started putting 10W-30 oil in my car, it hasn't burned oil.

I mean, the oil level isn't going down.

Wait, no -

First it was going down, but at a markedly slower rate than the 5W-30 and a significantly slower rate than the synthetic. The synthetic was going through all of the car's oil -- well, to where it showed no oil on the dipstick -- in 700 miles. Prior to that wretched synthetic oil experience, the 5W-30 had been going through the car to a low marking on the dipstick (but still visible) every 1500 miles.

Then I shifted to the 10W-30 and it was down a quart (so Dad said) after about 1000 miles. I put oil in and it went up to just over the "high" marking for oil.

Since then, it seems to have stabilized. I keep checking it. I've now gone 1500 miles on this "second filling" of 10W-30 and the oil level has stayed at just above the high marking - where it was the last time I filled it.

What, the car just likes thicker oil? The car has not had any work done on it.

I poured some more 10W-30 into it, just in case. It's been about 3200 miles, so I should take it for an oil change.
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