Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

The chicken goes into the oven...

Okay, this is an 8-pound turkey-size chicken. I sauteed up some diced veggies leftover from Friday's salad: mushrooms, carrots, green beans, yellow pepper, red onion, celery, shallot. I mixed that with some butter and some chicken broth. Brought that to a boil and mixed with two cups of Pepperidge Farm cornbread stuffing.

I had already removed the gizzards from the chicken and rinsed the chicken again. I had a 6-quart saucier pan ready. (I threw out my chicken-roasting pan earlier this year because that's what I made the wheat gluten "brains" in and left it in there too long.) I'd semi-melted half a stick of butter and mixed that with a healthy dose of Bell's Poultry Seasoning. (I don't think I have tried this seasoning before, but it smells SO good.)

I sat the chicken upright and spooned the boiling-hot stuffing into the chicken. Then I laid it down (and ended up flipping it over because I always think the bottom is the top). I put the rest of the stuffing into the pot. Then I Ioosened up the skin on top. I grabbed the bowl of seasoned butter and slathered that all over the chicken, quite a bit under the skin and around the thighs and wings and then all over the top.

I covered it and into the oven it went. I don't usually try to crisp up the skin like I would on a turkey. Hmm. Yeah, it'll be fine. It has a pop-up timer but I loosened it when I was putting the butter on, so we'll see if it works. Going to leave it in there at 350F for three hours, or when I'm happy with it.

The gizzards are in a small sauce pan in the oven with some roughly chopped red onion and shallot. I put in a spoonful of minced garlic and a tablespoon or so of the Bell's Poultry Seasoning. Then I put in a few cups of chicken broth. Later on, I will strain this and make a gravy out of it.
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