Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Beautiful meal came together

After an hour in the oven I took the cover off of the pot for the chicken.

I oiled and salted three of the potatoes Dad brought (he bought four - he's still used to buying four after all these years, methinks). Wrapped them in foil and put them into the oven.

I then sat Mom down at the dining room table with me and chopped up the butternut squash. I cut off the rind and diced it all up. Then I put it into the microwave for seven minutes to steam. I then peeled and chopped up about five apples. I mixed the apples and squash all together, drizzled a healthy half-cup of agave nectar over it all and then sprinkled a cinnamon/vanilla mixture over it. I folded the mixture over and over and then put it into the oven in an open casserole dish.

I then got the salad ready. Chop & peeled the half-carrot left from Friday, chopped up the remaining mushrooms, etc.

Then I drained the gizzard soup using my spider. Grabbed the Wondra and made gravy with the liquid from the gizzard soup. OMG was that fantastic. You just cannot get that flavor out of jarred gravy.

About 4:30pm, almost exactly three hours after I put it into the oven, the plastic temp gauge on the chicken popped out. The skin was browned pretty well (although I don't crisp it perfectly on purpose because otherwise I would eat it all). I let it sit for another half hour to let the juices run back into the meat.

After the chicken came out of the oven, I put the garlic bread in. I opened up the cranberry sauce and put that on the table.

And then I made the salad dressing (balsamic vinaigrette from the balsamic syrup I made a few weeks ago). Transferred dinner to the table and we ate.

And it was amazing. I love, love, love butternut squash. The chicken was incredibly juicy - not dry in the slightest, and cooked perfectly. There wasn't enough stuffing, but there is never enough stuffing.

Hard to choose, but I am so proud of the gravy that I would say it was my favorite part of the meal!
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