Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Another Ent goes down

I didn't lose any trees during Hurricane Irene. But a half a tree just fell against the house. Made a lot of noise as it was going down.

At first I thought that I'd have to go upstairs to check it out, but then I remembered that I have a back door right here in my office. (I open it so infrequently that I forget about it.) So, I unlocked and unbolted it and took out the doorstick and went outside.

Yeah, it's about a half of a pine tree. The side hill is completely blocked. To give you an idea, the tree fell about ten feet from where I'm sitting. It missed the power lines by about two feet. (*phew*) The evergreen next to it is bent over in a way that made me go back inside quickly, because it was creepy to have that tree bent down that low and that far across the yard. Anyway, the tree that fell is going to require a chainsaw. Lovely.

I'm really tempted to go back outside and get a picture, but with that other tree in such a condition, yeah, I think I'll stay inside. There's time to get a picture tomorrow.

Plow trucks are going by regularly. More than a million people are out of power in CT. People who are damn tired of being out of power after Hurricane Irene.

The brownouts are continuing, too. There's a steady wind blowing against the house and sometimes you can hear pretty strong gusts.

You know, this may be New England, but this sure as hell isn't normal for Southern New England. This is effin Ridiculous for Southern New England. Maine This Is Not.

I still have the oil heat running to warm the house lest the power go out again. I can say that I almost made it to November. I have the temp set to about 65F, which is not exactly comfortable but it'll do.

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