Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Our October Nor'easter

I heard a transformer explode across the lake. Then I heard a large crack nearby. Decided to take a look out of my north-facing bedroom window. Big pine tree actively cracking next to the north side of the house. If it goes, it will take all wires with it (power, Internet, etc.). It will also fall against my bedroom. To be honest, it's leaning so badly that I think it's only a matter of time before it comes down.

I have just moved the computer away from that side of the house, to the dining room table. I filled the bathtub too. (No power = no water.)

I am incredibly thankful that I still have power. I have just cranked the heat up to get some heat into the house for when the power goes off. (Hopefully it won't, but I don't see great odds on that right about now.) I had turned it down to 55F for the night, but now it's up to just under 70F.

I'm nervous, though, about sleeping in a room where that tree's on the other side of the wall.
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