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My power was out from 4pm-8pm on Saturday, and from 6:20am (roughly) to about 6:20pm on Sunday. Internet was back on when I came home tonight (Tuesday). My town was not hit nearly as hard as it was during Hurricane Irene. Other towns - such as Glastonbury and South Glastonbury, where my folks live - have it much, much worse.

My folks live on a circle. The circle was blocked in three places by trees and two broken telephone poles. "They" cleared two of the three messes and one giant tree remains, on the circle's northern side.

The huge maple tree in my parents' front yard has lost all of the major limbs at the top - effectively sheared off. The yard is a sea of limbs. There are wires everywhere throughout the neighborhood. It's astonishing.

Driving up Route 17 through Portland into South Glastonbury is not safe. On Monday I counted at least six major-size trees leaning on the wires and that wasn't counting the trees in the road. Scariest are the trees suspended in midair on the major lines. (Not limbs - full trees, suspended in mid-air. That's what you get when the road goes through steep ravines, the tree falls and the telephone poles lean far enough over to create an interesting "suspension" balance.)

In the hardest hit towns, they haven't been able to give an estimate as to when the return of power will happen. Tomorrow, Wednesday, we're supposed to get an estimate of when they estimate power will return. Glastonbury and quite a few other school systems in the northern half of Connecticut have simply canceled school for the rest of the week. Combined with Hurricane Irene (I refuse to call it a Tropical Storm), these kids have already had about 7-10 days off of school so far this year.

44 major power transmission lines in CT were damaged. As of this morning, 13 have been restored.

The tree devastation is staggering. A photo of a scene in Glastonbury made the New York Times. Speaking of New York, the Central Park head tree guy said that they lost about 125 trees to Hurricane Irene and that Winter Storm Alfred will cost the park 1000 trees.

This would not have been such a big deal if it were January and the leaves were off of the trees. But the sheer weight of the snow on the leaves was too much.

Hopefully I will remember to take my camera to my folks' house tomorrow. They are planning on at least two weeks without power. But they have the generator that they bought during Irene, so they are doing okay. Dad, however, is driving to NYC every damn day this week because of crap related to this storm. They will come for dinner tomorrow evening and Dad will bring his laptop so that he can work here.

In Manchester, UUS:E is out of power and will probably be out of power for a while. Last Sunday's service was canceled so I am wondering if we will need to cancel this Sunday's service. We'll see. I need to find a new place to hold my Sunday Services Committee meeting and I'm working on that.

Taking care of Mom with no computer and no good way to cook is NOT IDEAL. But tomorrow I will bring her back to East Hampton and that will be good.

I had an assignment due today so I hand-typed it into my iPod and emailed it to my professor yesterday. Luckily I got the internet back tonight so I was able to log in and submit it properly. All of the libraries to which I have access are out of power.

People are literally camping out in the malls because the malls are open and have heat. Lots of money for the proprietors, which is cool.
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