Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Odd headache

Okay. So I got up - no headache. Had a cup of caffeinated coffee - no headache. Had a half-hour phone call - no headache.

Then I had a sandwich: two slices of potato bread, pork chop, slice of cheddar, mayo. And a (caffeinated) Diet Coke.

Within about ten-fifteen minutes of eating lunch I developed a fearsome headache, mostly focused around my forehead, eyes and temples. Well, and the top of my head, too.

Is it too much of a leap to say that the headache might have been caused by the meal?

Diet Coke rarely gives me a headache. Withdrawal from it gives me a headache. Although, that could be it.

What the heck? The bread? I know my system doesn't like bread - it feeds what I suspect is a low-grade candida infection. I guess it's too much of a leap to blame the headache on the bread, but who knows?

I don't have a pork allergy, fairly certain. Had a pork chop on Saturday, cut up into cubes, was just fine. Mayo? Doubtful. Cheese? That's not it.

Hmm. It's just that I was totally fine - I even slept enough. And now I feel like laying down and sleeping the rest of the day when I'm actually excited to work on the website that I'm doing. I guess I'll take some ibuprofen, although I hate to do that.

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