Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Rest in peace, Andy Rooney

LOL I let my paid account lapse and I'm back to all of my old icons. Not to mention ads; I'd forgotten about those.

Okay, I just put a white cake into the oven. (Wheat. More wheat.) Put coconut oil in it for Mom and chocolate chips in it for Dad.

I emailed a semi-cousin Keren on Facebook to find out if my cousin Michelle is staying with her this weekend. Keren is who Michelle usually stays with so Keren would know. Something makes me think that Michelle's not coming though, but we'll see. I suspect Keren would have mentioned it on her FB page. I am hoping she answers so I can tell Dad.

Having this super-bright "daylight" light bulb on my desk is remarkable. It's really helping to fight off night-hopelessness. We'll see what happens when we go off DST tonight.
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