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For my folks, tomorrow is Day 10 without power. Some people on the street do not have generators.

The longest we ever went without power was Hurricane Gloria - on the 8th day, the power came back.

Northeast Snowstorm Power Problems: Tens Of Thousands Still Without Electricity


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Nov. 7th, 2011 05:30 pm (UTC)
I'm on eastern Long Island, and I think Hurricane Gloria was the worst - as there were some who didn't get power back for 2 weeks. It wasn't a majority, but there was a significant grouping of people who did not. We were lucky ... in that storm we got our power back in 36 hours because we were - at that time - on the same line as the hospital, and there were no power issues between the hospital and us, so it was a priority to get it back for the hospital.

Irene was better. Almost all had power back in 8 days, and we, again only lost our power for 36 hours because this time we were on the same line as a key stop light (with no tree issues between us and it).

But -- your storm in CT is really showing the limitations of the power company's ability to get people back. They were -- are -- NOT prepared. In addition, if the leaves had been off the trees, all of this would have not happened, imo.
Nov. 7th, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
Wow. You're right. The power company seems to have been completely at a loss for organizing the out of state companies that were coming in to help. Often the out-of-staters were waiting for hours just to hear where to go. Nyah....

I think it soooo makes a difference when the power lines are underground. When Hurricane Charley hit us in Orlando, it was bad -- if those power lines had been above ground, it would have been weeks instead of only four days. Makes a huge difference when power companies aren't also dealing with trees entangled with wires.

Yeah, a big part of it is that the storm hit so early in the season. Peak came so late this year that half the trees are honestly still green! Very odd.

Remember Hurricane Gloria?!! :-) Oh yeah, she was something else alright.
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