Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,


Okay, so finally we heard from the hospital tonight, about 7:30pm.

Bo tested negative for cancer. He has severe hepatatis, they said. He ate his food this morning but didn't keep it down. They are watching him closely, they said.

So, I told my Dad about the contaminated river water thing in the fields. Yes, he confirmed that both dogs drink water out there. Addie will definitely need some extra innoculation of some sort.

I asked Dad - but Bo would have been vaccinated against hepatitis? But that was 11 years ago, he said.

So, we wait.

Addie, the puppy - just coming into adulthood for a field dog, age two - is despondent. I mentioned to Dad that Addie gets some pretty bad separation anxiety. He's been thinking about possibly adopting another dog. I told him that if he adopts a pointer, it should be another boy. Dad scoffed at my suggestion to adopt a pug. *chuckling*
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