Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Major storm here

Just got woken up by a very loud microburst, reminiscent of the Floridian tornadoes during Hurricane Charley. *shudder*

Giant tree coming down about to take out all of my wires. Will not hit the house, looks like. Hopefully it will stay upright, but it's leaning way over.

Tried to call CL&P but their lines were overloaded - twenty minute wait. My friend Ayr on Facebook found the number for the East Hampton Police Dept. I called them and they sent a cruiser right over.

Okay, the police came - they have reported it to CL&P. The officer said the town's crews won't touch it, even if it comes down now, with the way it is leaning up against the wires. It actually looks like it is touching the wires but not bearing down on them, because the tree above it is holding it up. The fallen tree appears to have obliterated a bush and is standing on the front stone wall.

The base of the tree - a tall pole of a hemlock - has snapped at the base about 4-5' up. It finally stopped pouring rain, so I went downstairs to wait for the police officer.

The driveway is covered in pine tree branches. Big ones.

The officer was a young guy, very nice. I was most grateful. So many dogs walk under that very tree every day.

The officer made a joke - as he was driving down my street, he was stopping at all of the leaning trees. Then he saw my fallen tree out front, towering over the others. It has to be easily 75+ feet tall. These are Eastern Hemlocks, I believe.

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