February 15th, 2012

Eureka's Zoe look


Chicken legs. Bluck. They're not just chicken legs - they're chicken leg quarters. Double-bluck.

Anyway, I made a homemade stuffing: diced celery, onions, scallions and apples. Then, two fistfuls of torn fresh spinach and two hard rolls ripped into small bits. Chopped walnuts. Seasoned with poultry seasoning. Tastes good, but... it's going into that chicken, so.

I stuffed the four leg quarters and got a good look at the spots where the feathers were pulled out and the hardened chicken skin at the ends of the pieces. I don't think this chicken had a good life. Triple-bluck.

I basted the chicken with honey and put a big pile of stuffing in the middle of the four leg quarters. All of it is on a sheet pan with a 1" edge. Put that into the oven. It's on 350F convection, cooking slower because it will be a while before Dad gets home.

Then I took the old bag of carrots and peeled those and cut them in half lengthwise, a tricky feat with a steak knife. (I *knew* I should have brought my real knife.) Covered the carrots with honey and powdered ginger, covered up the dish and put that into the oven.

I washed the rest of the spinach. Somehow Dad walked into Whole Foods and managed to buy the one bundle of spinach that was covered in fine dirt. Washed the spinach again. I might soak it, leek-style. 

Anyway, I'm thinking about skipping the extra starches (bakes beans and potatoes) altogether and making a side dish of spinach to go along with the carrots and chicken.