Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

iMac needing some memory

Well, I bought this iMac in March of 2008.

The 1GB of memory is maxed out. Huge swap file, too. But, I upgraded the operating system and... yeah, I need more memory. I do keep watch on the processes while there's more running behind the scenes than I would like, it's not too bad.

I need more memory. Or, a new computer. I waited to so long to upgrade to Leopard that soon I will be back to two levels behind: Snow Leopard and Jaguar (I don't think Jaguar is released yet, can't remember).

There is an empty memory slot. I can buy a 1GB memory card from Crucial for $17 or a 2GB memory card for $31 (or a 4GB memory card for $62). Haven't bought it yet - I think I will go for the 2GB card, but I have to check to see what the max supported memory is with this computer. Then, eventually I could replace the original 1GB card with another 2GB card, thereby upgrading to 4GB total.

Erf. So, do I really want to take my iMac apart? It sounds kind of fun, really. Haven't cracked open a Mac before.
Tags: computer, imac
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