Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Movie Night Tonight

Tonight is the third of three Alfred Hitchcock movie nights from the UUS:E Auction. I begged and pleaded with my DVD player to work this one last time.

I am prescreening the film. So far there are static blips in the beginning, once about 20 minutes in and just now, about 30 minutes in. There was so much static during the opening music sequence that I was tempted to call the movie night off.

It could be the DVD. But it's more likely that it's the DVD player. And there it goes again. Ugh.

I'm going to try cleaning the DVD.

Brownies are baking in the oven - almost done.

I Swiffered the floor with the generic Swiffer wipes that I picked up ages ago. The floor looks dirtier now. What the hell? Crap. I never had that experience when I bought the non-generic, but that was on the Florida floors. Maybe this linoleum is different? Luckily you can't see it unless you're sitting at my computer table.
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