Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Taurus > Rob Brezsny

The computer at which I usually work is in the room where -- well, suffice it to say I'm at computer alternate #3 today, at my folks' house. Day One of Four.

This is the computer with the dying monitor, so I can barely see the screen. The new monitor, of course, it set to arrive next week.

Rob Brezsny for this week:

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): "Dear Rob the Astrologer: I have a big
question for you. If I could get access to a time machine, where would
you suggest I should go? Is there a way to calculate the time and place
where I could enjoy favorable astrological connections that would bring
out the best in me? -Curious Taurus." Dear Curious: Here are some
locations that might be a good fit for you Tauruses right now: Athens,
Greece in 459 B.C.; Constantinople in 1179; Florence, Italy in 1489; New
York in 2037. In general, you would thrive wherever there are lots of
bright people co-creating a lively culture that offers maximum stimulation.
You need to have your certainties challenged and your mind expanded and
your sense of wonder piqued.
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