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Warmer. Sorta.

Alrighty. Night One.

I couldn't work on Dad's monitor anymore. Too light. Can't see a damn thing. New monitor arriving soon. Needed to move into the back bedroom, which is as cold as ice.

Turned on the electric heater. Blew a circuit. Damn. How?

Down into the ice basement Hoth. Flip left. Flip right.

Ascend into warmth.


Heater on the wall of the room I'm in.
TV and lamp on the other side of the wall.
No way that pulls 15 amps.
Surely the wiring doesn't include the plug on the other side of the room?

Consult 1950s electrical order receipt, because it's just the kind of thing I happen to have handy. My grandparents bought eight fuses.



Okay, so, yes, it's possible that the plug on the other side of my folks bedroom (where the tv and lamp are) is also on this circuit. Well, in that case, there's an electric heater plugged in there.

Sure, that could blow past 15 amps.

Calling Dad. Is this possible. Sure, he says, Probably at least four rooms are on that one circuit.


Marlene moves devices around.

Okay now I am ensconced in the back bedroom with the heater on and my mother's ancient computer with the newish monitor on. (Dad has rejected this monitor, by the way).