Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Dad's snow blower

This is what Dad's crazy new snowblower looks like, except he has a slightly older model and it is in orange. You actually need to plug it in to start it and yes, it's got a clutch that you need to use, etc. A Toro with a Tecumseh engine, although I don't really know what the latter part means because I'm not familiar with Tecumseh engines. It's a "two-stage" snowthrower, although I don't know what the "two-stage" means. A cursory glance tells me that in the world of snowblowers and snowthrowers, you're supposed to know what that means. *rolls eyes*

He got it after the insane winter of 2010-2011, but nobody can use it except him. And possibly my brother. I should teach myself how to work it.

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