Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,


Okay, she's warmed up a bit and started to self-regulate her temp (throwing off the covers, etc.)

Tired. Super-tired now. Going to sleep soon.

Anyway, the Program Council meeting was truly fantastic. It's amazing and ridiculous how I can go in such a short span of time from such a sense of uselessness and hopelessness to such a sense of accomplishment. I was chairing tonight's meeting. It went well. It wasn't perfect, but I was totally okay with that. I was much more prepared for the nature of this group this time. The plans I had prepared really worked.

Bonus: the new technology worked. It was my first time using the new(used) laptop donated to UUS:E. First time syncing a laptop, any laptop, to the sound system and projector. First time using the wireless internet connection for a presentation at the building. It all worked. A slight bit of buffering during the video, but not much. Fantastic.

It was good. And the conversations opened up. And we did decide to meet monthly, but not necessarily every month.

So I'm going to chair next month's meeting but after that we are going to start bouncing around with different chairs, deliberately - to give people experience and to try out different styles. So, that'll be good.

Sleep now. Mom is still awake - well, she's dozing very, very lightly.

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