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It's going to snow tonight and multiple times tomorrow, so I suspect I'll be at home. I had $13 to spend on groceries, so I headed to the store and got a rotisserie chicken to make this recipe. I completely forgot about the peppers, although I would have used sweet peppers. Oh, and I forgot about the cilantro which is a bummer because I really like cilantro.

So, mine has a giant sweet onion in it, scallions, white beans, a can of diced potatoes, the juice of two limes, shredded chicken and all of the spices. The house smells fantastic. I will eat my version with sour cream and oyster crackers.

This is the recipe we were making at UUS:E last night for the "Souper Bowl Sunday" sale, but they didn't alter it.

White Chicken Chili Recipe : Patrick and Gina Neely : Recipes : Food Network