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Just measured the snow on the deck and it's at 24". It snowed a foot in the past four hours. And the snow is still whirling around in blinding thickness. (Been snowing since 8am.)



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Feb. 9th, 2013 06:44 pm (UTC)
I read this knowing and understanding how completely miserable snow makes you while sitting here myself thinking I'd give anything to sit and watch a huge snowstorm. That one small one that happened when we were up there is the most snow I've seen fall in my life. (In GA, an inch was practically a blizzard. I never knew until that day at your house that you can HEAR snow falling!)

Do we know anyone with a teleporter? K keeps telling me it's cold outside (Florida cold, obviously) but I'm sitting here wanting to turn on a fan due to our central heat doing its job a bit too well. I wanna watch a blizzard! Hell, I wanna go play in a blizzard!
Feb. 9th, 2013 07:02 pm (UTC)
*sigh* Too bad we can't just switch places next year during the winter!!

I still have this wild dream that if I can earn an income that's location-independent, I can head south for the winter.

I remember you saying how completely alive you felt when you went up to the northern parts - Maine? New Hampshire? Vermont? Somewhere.

Feb. 9th, 2013 07:25 pm (UTC)
Maine. Well, New Hampshire, too, but New Hampshire was all, "Welcome, tourists!" Maine was just so beautiful and quiet and peaceful and... IDK, it was such an amazing (and yeah, kinda scary) experience getting lost that one night and not seeing a car or house or ANY kind of civilization for almost two hours. We finally saw ONE car and turned around and started following it until we saw lights indicating a town. (Where we were welcomed with a polite but confused, "What in the WORLD are you doing out here this time of night/week/year?!" They were nice enough to keep their one pub open late just to feed us. And give us lots of beer, which we needed after being lost in the dark wilderness that long. LOL)

Each state up there such has its own personality. We started coming up with mottos for them. Let me see if I can remember them:

- Connecticut: Come for the history, stay for the taxes!

- Vermont: Come! Ski!!! And try our maple syrup. And did we mention the skiing?


- Maine: Leave us the hell alone. We're busy logging. Oh, and MOOOOOOSE!!!!!!!

All I remember about Massachusetts is that I never want to go to Boston again, and Rhode Island's long stretches of (that time of year) abandoned beaches was somewhere between fascinating and creepy. Although we got an amazing deal on a beach-front hotel room with a jacuzzi! ;-)

Granted, that was all based on the parts we visited. I know Maine is know for the beaches, which we briefly visited, which had the potential of ending badly had we not noticed how incredibly quickly the tide comes in and turns those huge rocky shores into little rock islands surrounded by whirlpools. o.O There was a serious, "Holy crap, run!" moment in there.

But yeah, I've never felt more alive, or more at home, than when I was up there. I could get all hippie about it and say that I finally found a place where the energy matched mine perfectly. Especially Maine and New Hampshire. And northern Vermont was really nice, too, although New Hampshire still wins between the two. Vermont has the problem that apparently not that many people use diesel fuel. We started looking way above a quarter tank and were almost empty and had backtracked across half the state before finding any. Maine did NOT have that problem.

That Facebook profile photo of me lying by a lake with all the fall colors was taken in the White Mountains, Maine side. I think that was when I truly learned the definition of a perfect day. So yeah, if anywhere, Maine. We talk of traveling the country, but we found a place on that historic highway (can't remember the name) that leads to Canada where I think we could put down in a small cabin and I'd be happy never leaving for the rest of my life. And people told K that if he got a CDL, he'd be fighting off people with a stick wanting him to work for the logging companies.
Feb. 9th, 2013 07:04 pm (UTC)
I posted some pictures. I'm not the greatest photographer, but there's no question you and K would have a blast in this snow. The drifts in the front yard are 5-6 feet deep, easily.
Feb. 9th, 2013 07:14 pm (UTC)
Or maybe we could switch places for a few months. My mind goes blurry when I try to figure it out.

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Feb. 9th, 2013 07:30 pm (UTC)
Don't think the thought hasn't occurred to me. But aside from the weather, I don't think you'd be happy here. (Our house, here.) We're miles from anything.
Feb. 10th, 2013 03:32 pm (UTC)
*sigh* Yeah, you're right.

But if I do find a way next winter to stay in Orlando - and I would go from Jan to Mid-April - then I will let you know, just in case. I could maybe stay with my friend Daniela for that time.
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