Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Funeral arrangements

I find myself calmly and carefully planning the details of my funeral, so I might as well write it down as I still can't rule out a heart attack soon from stress.

I don't want a Catholic funeral; I'd rather have a memorial service at UUS:E. And no bullshit wake. The memorial service will be enough.

I don't want to be cremated - under no circumstances do I want to be cremated.

There are family plots in the Old Church Cemetery. It is a peaceful place. That's fine. My family is there.

I'd like to be buried in a pair of jeans - a good pair, not an old granny catalog pair. And my nice blue/green Avon earrings. And no sneakers. I hate sneakers. I only started wearing them because of Pat. And Dad bought me the next pair. And the next, despite my protests about not wanting sneakers.

I think there should be a party after the memorial service, with lots of food and drink. And real food - not crappy finger sandwiches nor cold meats nor trays of Italian cookies. And maybe a coffeehouse.

Yeah, an afternoon service with a party afterwards - and music. That would be good.
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