Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,


It snowed an inch last night. I'm rather disgusted.

I am waiting for Addie to come back in. Tara has no intention of going out at this time.

I seem to have picked up some kind of intestinal bug. It really hit me strong on Tuesday, continued yesterday and is still going. I'm not really sure what caused it. Thankfully I am not nauseous, but the cramping and crazy bloating are really something.

Actually, it's kinda food-triggered. Tuesday I took a risk and went out and got Chinese food. (The risk was in being away from a bathroom for that long.) But two or three bites of General Tso's chicken and I was totally bloated and cramping. Odd. I thought the grinder yesterday would be fine, but no, same reaction. The only think I didn't get a reaction from was water (staving off wicked dehydration). At home I drank a bottle of water with EmergenC in it. Here at the folks' house I drink a full glass of water (and again this morning) with EmergenC and a spoonful of a brand new protein powder that I ordered (arrived in the mail yesterday).

The protein powder is from SunWarrior - their Warrior Blend. Jason Wrobel, the celebrity vegan chef, highly recommends it. I've been wanting to try a protein powder since I had that smoothie at Starbucks a month or so ago - I felt like total and complete crap, but after that smoothie I was resorted to a semi-respectable-feeling human being, well enough to drive home after a bad night with Mom. All I could find was that their protein powder was some kind of "whey protein powder" and that didn't really help.

So, when I kept seeing Jason Wrobel rave and rave about this, I decided finally to try it. And it's fantastic, actually. Pure plant protein. No funky ingredients. Gluten/dairy free. My throat has the tiniest bit of powdery feel to it, but the EmergenC often leaves that feel so I'm not sure which powder caused it. It's actually not enough to bother me, though.

I don't know what triggered this bug, nor what is keeping it going, but I may just stick to this water+EmergenC+protein powder blend for a few days. Maybe add in some fruit when I get home.

Okay, Addie is back in now. Time to go back to sleep.

EDIT: I have also been having a vegetable stir fry that I made. Maybe I didn't wash the vegetables enough and I have gotten sick that way. I did take some probiotics last night.

EDIT: spoke too soon. Wicked bloating and cramping and a run to the bathroom. Maybe I should stick to water only for a bit. Three days of crazy acid coming out of my system is starting to hurt! Although, I felt better once my system expunged itself. Now I just feel weird. I feel strangely full, as if I ate a lot. That must be the protein powder. That could be valuable.
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