Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Ever so grateful to the concept of impermanence

And because change is the way to go, Dad just called. My note to him that I was leaving at 2pm prompted him to leave the office. He's on his way home.

I said "are you on your way home or are you on-your-way-home-with-stops-on-the-way?"

And he said "no, no, no stops."

So I told him I would stay because I was concerned he wouldn't shut the oven off. He didn't shut it off once and that worries me. (Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of The Fire.)

But by the end of the conversation he had decided to stop at Firestone.

Anyway, he said that he's changed his mind. He wants me to take the Altima and he will drive my car for a while. (That's why he's stopping at Firestone.) I told him about the industrial-type chemical cleaner that I'd found on the internet with the sprayer mechanism strong enough to get way back into where the coolant/condenser area is (whatever it's called).

So, I guess he's had time to process.

Then he told me that he wants me to check out Lego. They are in Enfield. He told me that he heard that they are expanding like crazy and added 60 jobs this year and 100+ jobs next year. I talked to him about how I figured that was right. Then I explained the 1.5 hour drive and he said no way - and I said "route 5?" and he said "oh. But if you took 91, it would only be 45 minutes or so." But no, that highway is quite beyond my ability right now.

Lego. Right.

Anyway, all things change. Going with the flow. I'll check out Lego, but I can't see that as changing winter for me.

So I will stay until he gets home. He probably will stop at some grocery store, too.

I fed Mom a yogurt. I didn't want to get her out of bed with her still undressed.

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