Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Realfood and actualCooking withdrawal means: Sweet Potato Soup

Alrighty, emptying the kitchen and a crazy schedule has meant: a lot of fast food at home. So much fast food that I'm actually motivated today to cook. Really cook. But that meant spending moving money on groceries. So it goes.

I planned several meals. Went to the grocery store. It was PACKED with people, but luckily the lines were not long. I didn't panic but I came close a few times. It totally helped to have a piece of paper with my list and a pen and I kept focused on that.

First up: a quick sweet potato soup. I took a picture but my picture pales in comparison to the picture on the site where I got the recipe:

1) I microwaved a sweet potato
2) Added the meat of the sweet potato + 1/2 cup of milk + 1/2 cup of broth to my Magic Bullet
3) Added in 1 tsp of chipotle seasoning, a pinch of salt and healthy squeeze of juice from a lime
4) Blended until smooth.
5) Topped with a diced avocado and broken up tortilla chips.

All in all, very good. I am coming to realize that I do not really like lime added to dishes. I like carne asada and dishes where the lime juice gets a chance to mellow, but as an accept I prefer it in my gin only. I could have done without the lime in this soup. Also, when I make it again, I'll warm up the milk and broth.

I'm SO NOT a soup person, but this was quick and fast and good. And I am full but I don't feel like a slug.

baked-potato-soup-creamy-avocado 9_edited-1

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