Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Can she bake a cherry pie?

So, the other day I asked Dad if he liked cherries. I know Mom likes cherries, but Dad? Not sure sure. He was all "meh" about it and kept talking about the pits. *rolls eyes*

I had asked because I thought I might head up to Belltown Orchards - a big might - and pick some. A small batch. I haven't picked any fruit in two-plus decades, so I thought it'd be a good test run. But after his response, I said "nope."

That night, he went and bought a big old bag of sweet cherries.


So, I spent a few minutes this morning and pitted them. It was no big deal.


I have always disliked cherries, but as I was pitting this batch of sweet cherries today in order to make a cherry cheese pie, it occurred to me that I don't know as I've ever tried a real, fresh, unadulterated sweet cherry. And I was thoroughly surprised to find that I liked it.

Off to make a cherry cheese pie.
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