Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,


Okay, I chopped up 7 lbs of strawberries the other day. I got a great deal at Aldi: $1.39/lb.


What day was it?

{pause for thought}


{end pause}


After dicing, I mixed the strawberries with roughly 7oz of my homemade balsamic syrup. The taste ratio's a little off, but that's all the syrup I had, so the syrup will add the merest hint of sweetness rather than actual flavor.

Tonight I realized that I really needed to make this jam or I wasn't going to get to it. The total made three pints and three half-pints. I ran out of half-pint lids, so I used a white-cap on one half-pint jar. And I ran out of room in the pot, so I used a white-cap on one full-pint jar. It tastes great, so I will put it in the fridge and use that first.


I full intend to do this waterbath canning thing all winter. It will keep me warm.

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