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Tara Jo: First Year

So, Tara Jo's been with the folks for a year. Huge transformation for her. Dad reports that she is outstanding in the field, truly. Took to it with skill and grace. Tara has some amazing tracking abilities. The field trials were today; I haven't heard yet how they did. Last year Addie took home the trophy for the first time. Bo took home the trophy three times. I forget how often Sara, who is pictured in this LJ icon, won the trophy. They are English Pointers, so they win the trophy strictly for finding birds. There are other trophies for the flushers and retrievers.

From last weekend:

Hunting_2013_005 copy

This was her ad on the Pointer Rescue site:

Tara Jo Rescue Ad 2012

Below are the two pictures we took on the day she arrived. She was located in what I think was Erie or Buffalo, I can't remember at the moment. Dad met them halfway and brought her home. She had been at the rescue home for two months. She came up from out of the south and we are fairly certain she was used as a breeding dog. She was frighteningly underweight and had poor muscle tone. She was also afraid of everything. Wouldn't approach doorways. Wouldn't eat except if she could lunge at the bowl and run away (meaning she probably had to fight for food where she was raised, so she probably didn't eat much). She jumped out of her skin if someone shut a door. Someone speaking at a regular tone of voice scared her, so we talked very quietly for weeks. Nina-the-caregiver scared the crap out of her, because Nina never spoke at anything but a high screech (Nina didn't last long and then we got Sarah-the-caregiver).

The first night she slept on the dog bed that Dad had purchased for her. Then Tara discovered the master bed and has slept there ever since with a slight exception: In the past few months, Tara's taken to sleeping on the dog bed again. Go figure. Dad put it on the floor in the other bedroom and she happened to find it and periodically retreats to it. She must be feeling seriously secure these days, we figure.

Tara Jo October 21st 2012

Tara October 21 2012


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