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Concerts & music: Ellis Paul, Windsor, CT 3Nov2013

Saturday night I went to the UUS:E coffeehouse and sang - a capella - Barbara Kessler's "Making Mountains Out of Molehills." It was cheating a bit, because I was listening to the song in my ear. But I did it. Another performance down. I will work through the crippling singing-related stage fright.

Eric, the fellow I met at last month's coffeehouse and who was there Saturday night, had posted on Facebook that there was an Ellis Paul concert in Windsor on Sunday night.

One of the things I resolved to do, when I made the decision to stay here, was to spend more time going out to see musicians. This was excellent - someone I knew that would be there. It was a hella long drive for me - and a difficult one - but so worth it. So worth it.

It was incredibly healing - a cozy room of about fifty people and two singers (Ellis Paul and his opener Rebecca Loebe) who were outstanding. She was so good that I bought one of her albums and listened to it on the way home.

I couldn't keep my eyes dry, the entire evening.

Does make the music get even deeper under my skin. But that's also another story.

My favorite song from the evening:

I took some pictures, but Eric's are better so here's one of Ellis Paul, who was so moving, so brilliant:

Ellis Paul 1

Ellis Paul 2

Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe 2

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