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West African Peanut Soup

Saw this recipe yesterday and wanted to try it. I've seen it before, but now the time is right. I headed out this afternoon to pick up the ingredients that I needed. West African Peanut Soup -

First I sautéed the red onion and sweet potato.
Then I added the fresh minced ginger and garlic.
Then I added the tomato paste to the sauté. (Organic Stop & Stop brand)
Then I added the can of diced tomatoes. (Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted)
Then I added 4 cups of vegetable broth. (Organic Stop & Shop brand)

That seemed like an awful lot of broth to me, especially when compared to the picture. Hmm. Here's the picture from the site:


I brought the mixture up to a boil. Then I put 1 cup of smooth peanut butter (Organic Stop & Shop brand) into a bowl. I put roughly a cup of the hot broth into the bowl. Used a whisk to bring it together. Poured the peanut butter-broth mixture into the pot. Stirred. Added 1 tbsp of cayenne pepper. Then I added two handfuls of baby spinach.

Now, one of my favorite flavors on the planet is Thai peanut sauce. I could eat that and only that for days. This is exactly what the soup tastes like. A big old Thai peanut sauce soup. It is FANTASTIC. Too spicy for me - about 1/2 the cayenne will do. [I will probably have to toss much of this because it really is too spicy, even when sopped up by bread.] But wow. I'm thrilled.

Next time I might purée the whole thing when it's ready, right before adding the spinach. (Really needing an immersion blender!)

It looks nothing like the picture in the recipe. Here is a picture, sans the recommended garnish, with some olive-oil ciabatta on the side:

2013-12-29 West African Peanut Soup
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