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The boneless ribs came out brilliant. I've been shredded bites and putting them into tortillas with cheese.

Finished Tim Dorsey's first book in the Serge Storms series. I really enjoyed that trip around Florida. Got the book in Kindle version out of the library, so I've returned it. Already have the 2nd book in the series loaned out and have read the first few pages. (Hammerhead Ranch Motel)

I have letting things pile up everywhere, so I got started on that today. I started on the dining room table. Got that cleared off and then put the kitchen's pile of Tupperware onto it. It's mostly Modular Mates, which I refuse to throw out. They are air-tight, water-tight and insect-tight. The humidity is more of a concern up here when packing food into these; in Florida I was more concerned about ant invasions and an ant never made it inside of one of these. I opened up the kitchen wall pantry and took out a bunch of tea to give away. Then I started opening up packages and putting stuff into the MMs.

I was much more settled in my Cranmoor kitchen, had more storage room too. So, I have lots of Modular Mates and no use for them - in Florida I had a container for regular flour, bread flour, semolina flour, cake flour plus a container for a variety of specialty flours. And I used them to cook, make bread, etc. Hell, I'm lucky if I keep a pound of any kinda flour in the house now. I also had containers for the variety of dried beans that I used to keep and cook with down there. And white sugar, brown sugar, confectioner's sugar. And so forth. *shrug* Ah well. Whatever. But at least I'm using more of them, after today. When I first moved in here I had a bunch of specialty flours but those are all thrown out now.

I'm not well-adapted to this kitchen. I should make more effort to make it mine, as I did with my workstation yesterday.
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