Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Raspberry-lime jelly

I took a bottle of Framboise Lambic beer today and turned it into jelly. The little 4oz jars are boiling in their water bath now. (EDIT: The jars are finished and popping away on the counter now.)

Raspberry-lime jelly

The flavor is incredible. Wow. I do hope it sets. It wasn't setting fully with the freezer plate test. We'll see. I'm not a big fan of raspberry as a flavor, but I love raspberry-lime.

1 bottle Framboise Lambic beer (raspberry beer)
3.5 cups of sugar
Pectin, I put in about 4tbsp, which I think was too little
Zest and juice of one lime.

Raspberry-lime jelly lime zest

I did reduce about a cup and a half of the lambic first, so as to intensify the flavor.

(EDIT) The finished jars:

Raspberry-lime beer jelly


Dad was here, doing his thing. And it was fine.

2014 August 23 Dad lawn

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