Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Sunday morning coffee and bookage

52F outside. Oof. Dad's coming over at some point today. I'll open the windows when it gets to, umm, 60F. Yeah. Thankfully, the house is in decent shape or I'd be freaking out about him coming over. It's almost that time of the year when I need to start drawing the curtains at night to keep the cold out. Brr.


Been reading "We Are Not Ourselves," a new novel by a fellow named Matthew Thomas. It really is an outstanding novel, but I'm 53% in and I need to stop. One of the central characters has Alzheimer's, has clearly been sick for a while and (in the novel) has just been diagnosed. The gut punch of the initial doctor's visits hollowed out my chest last night. I have to put it aside. The story is too close to my own - Irish family, legacy of alcoholism and its resulting familial behaviors, the long slow radiating torture of dementia. Yeah, too soon. Too soon.

That said, the book is a luscious treat of a story and I'm someone who tends to prefer genre fiction instead of novels such as this. This book has had me fully ensnared since I began reading it on Thursday. (LOL I feel as if I need to say here that the book is 600+ pages, so I've spent hours with it so far.) I'll come back to it. I requested the author to be a friend on Goodreads and he accepted.


I need to take my shower and get cooking. Need to cook for my own lunches this week and I want to send Dad home with some bites to eat. I can't send much or he won't eat it. First, finish the coffee.

Didn't go anywhere this weekend other than the grocery store. No new experiences, other than watching episodes of The Blacklist and reading this book.


Friday afternoon I stumbled across this beautiful Terry Pratchett reading guide. Spent a while looking up a few books and figured out that I have read 12-15 of the books pictured. Soul Music and Small Gods are still my favorites, but I did really enjoy Going Postal and Making Money. I've read all of the Death books. I haven't read a single Rincewind novel. The Watch novels are blending in my head so the best I can figure is that I've read 3-6 of them. And I've read four of the nine books in the Witches line.


I was thinking yesterday that I'm good with expanding into a new life that I haven't lived yet, as opposed to trying to get back to a life I've already lived.

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