Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

About 2.5 hours ago Dad texted to say he was coming over. I was at the grocery store at the time, so I came home and have been getting the house as ready as I can for Dad. It will have to do.

I've just heard from the rescue society in Long Island. They have found someone to bring Franklin-the-cat across tomorrow. Alrighty then! This time is later - they would take the 2pm ferry and get to Clinton about 4pm. That means I need to cancel my oil change.

It also means I can't make it to Niantic tomorrow to get to the bookstore. (That'd be too much driving in one day.) The two spots - the bookstore in Niantic and the Dunkin Donuts in Clinton, are only 18 miles apart on I-95, but the off-highway trip is 40 miles because the Connecticut River must be crossed in New London and there's only one bridge and that's 95. Forget it. Google says that the entire day would be 102 miles.

I will think about it, though. It would be an adventure. The main issue is that my right knee is killing me. Plus it's swollen. It's odd. I woke up Friday. My leg feels as if it wants to go into a charley-horse, so it's not just the knee. I took two Advil about 4:30pm but it's still not pleasant.

Typically if the knee is sore, walking around cures it pretty quickly. That's not the case today. Maybe I'm low on potassium. Anyway, that's why I don't want to drive a hundred miles tomorrow.

And, Dad's here.
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