Marlene (shesingsnow) wrote,

Groundhog Naturals

Well, I did it. Pushed myself out into the universe a little more.

Back in roughly September, with significant help, I launched an organic and natural foods buying club. I called it Groundhog Naturals because Groundhog Day, aka Imbolc, is my favorite holiday. This is when spring truly starts to walk around, when we're able to start to seeing the difference in light. It was my absolute favorite time of the year in Florida because it was when the trees started turning green again. The only thing I like about February in Connecticut is that the light begins to visibly return when we reach February.

There are three actively-ordering members of the club right now and I'm ready to expand. It's time to spread the word now that I've worked out some processes.

I called the Glastonbury Citizen today and placed an ad in the Rivereast Bulletin. The latter is a free publication that with a circulation of lots. It covers my general area - in fact, for my town and the little towns around me, it's the only paper. For $18, I put in a classified ad for two weeks in the Rivereast for Groundhog Naturals. Next time I buy a classified, I'll go with both papers, but this was a good start with my limited budget.

People quite literally comb over these two papers - the Citizen and the Rivereast, as they are called. So at least a few people will see my little ad. Not sure where it will go in the paper, but it was deemed completely acceptable by the lady.

It reads like this:

Wholesale discounts on organic and natural foods and products. Join the Groundhog Naturals Buying Club at or call Marlene at 860-xxx-xxxx.

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